Tuesday, April 30, 2013

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Spring Into The Future Signing

Featuring: Veronica Rossi | Tahereh Mafi | Cynthia Hand | Anna Carey
Date: Saturday, April 27, 2013 @ 3pm | Hurst, TX | Barnes & Noble

Living inbetween Dallas, TX and Memphis, TN
means there's always a road trip to feed my book obsession!

Spring into the Future Signed Books

This was the quinella of author signings in my book! Four all-star authors all in one place; I was in book heaven.

Great stories and insights from them all. Including some of Veronica Rossi's inspiration, a story about how her son looked in front of a cold, blue digital screen versus the warmth in front of a camp fire. Of course Unravel Me's chapter 62 was a topic of discussion! Tahereh was asked how she faced her family after writing said chapter. Her answer, there was some awkwardness, also noting that one of her brothers was the source of Adam's bird tattoo. Too funny!

Tahereh also started a round of answers from all the authors, adding to her SNI concept, Shiny New Idea. You can "flirt" with the SNI, but never "write" with it, while still working on your current project. Cynthia Hand might have taken "flirting" to a whole new level, when she only allowed herself to take notes on her SNI. Said notes ended up being 70 pages.

Great event, looking forward to my next scheduled one; Fierce Reads 2013 Summer Tour in Memphis, TN, June 11th. Jessica Brody (Unremembered), Emmy Laybourne (Monument 14), Anna Banks (Of Triton), and wait for it...Leigh Bardugo (Siege and Storm) will all be there.


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