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mini-reviews | Hopeless, Beautiful Bastard, Word and Deed

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Five Stars
by: Colleen Hoover | Website | Twitter
Publication Date: December 19, 2012
Series: Hopeless #1
Format: Kindle

I LIVE this book, no make that Love this book! Colleen Hoover has had three slam dunks this year, Slammed, Point of Retreat, and Hopeless. Each one was utterly all-consuming. The writing is very real and easy to lose yourself in the story.

Hopeless, while heartbreaking and emotional, still manages to put a huge smile on your face when reading it. (A lot of that has to do with one Dean Holder)

Colleen Hoover has a certain chapter written from Holder's POV; it's free over on her website. Oh, Holder, sigh. Be still my heart! Get insight into Holder's head and see everything that he is thinking during this toe-curling scene.

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Three Stars
Beautiful Bastard
by: Christina Lauren | Website
Publication Date: February 12, 2013
Series: Beautiful Bastard #1
Format: PB from the Biblioteca

This was a quick and steamy read. The hate/love (really more like "I love how you infuriate me") relationship between Chloe and Bennett was smokin'. But beyond that the story was kind of flat. There was some good angst about how or it their relationship would work, with her being his intern. But it felt like the story was just skimming the surface.

I connected more with Bennett, probably because he was the first to commit to the relationship, in whatever form he could have. Chloe was the one fighting it. That role reversal (or that the reader gets Bennett's POV, fully displaying his emotions) was refreshing and interesting to read. This is what I wish the story as a whole had more of, some deeper emotion.

Still planning on picking up the sequel. Funny note, despite all the passion in this book the following was my favorite line.

"Would you have gone back to the room?" I asked into her ear as she carefully read an undergraduate poster on a rebranding idea for some small cellular company. Graphs were taped to the poster board, for crying out loud. - page 227

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Three Stars
Word and Deed
by: Susannah Noel | Website | Twitter
Publication Date: December 15, 2012
Series: Wordless Chronicles #2
Format: Kindle

Earlier this year, I picked up Word and Breath. I absolutely loved it. I guess it came as a breath (haha) of fresh air in the genre of books I had been reading. A lot of YA that fell into the same old story lines. Word and Breath reminded me how much I loved reading thriller/crime books, while throwing in some paranormal, dystopian, and romance.

While I loved Word and Breath, I felt that Word and Deed fell a little short. Probably just the dreaded middle book drag, where story lines have to be moved forward and setup for that final book. All the same characters are back, more Connor! Definitely a fan of the Librarian!!!

Look forward to future Wordless books and anything by Susannah Noel!

Have you read any of them? Let me know what you thought!

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