Thursday, March 7, 2013

an introduction

Well, I'm taking the plunge! After 2+ years of reading and following book blogs and a year after setting up my own blogger account; I'm starting my own. Cue the intro music for The CRJ Reviews!

A little background...

Until college, I would not call myself an avid reader. Only one who did so begrudgingly for school. That is until my friend gave me the book The Rule of Four by Ian Caldwell and Dustin Thomason. Around the same time, Harry Potter book 5 was being published, and my same friend would not relent on me needing to read the series. I went to the midnight release with her, but hadn't read one book. That soon changed when I was spending every weekend traveling for college track and xc. Books began to fill that time suck.

But the game changer in my love for reading, wait for it, Twilight. Say what you will about the series/franchise as a whole, (I hate that I even preface the series, I unabashedly still love and support the series) but they totally changed my outlook on what reading could be. They opened the door to the wonderful world of YA.

For the past two years, I've acquired a healthy reading habit (read: unhealthy book-buying habit). Checkout my previous Goodreads yearly challenges (both over 100 books), my yearly A-Z challenge, and US of YA map. 

I've been lucky enough to attend two author events (Dallas, TX '12 and Memphis, TN '13), both sponsored by Penguin's Breathless Reads Tour. Beth Revis, of Across the Universe fame, was at both! Getting to hear author's talk about their books adds a whole new level of awesome to reading. Looking forward to any more events, even it if means a car ride!

2012 Breathless Read Tour in Dallas, TX
L to R: Jessica Spotswood, Marie Lu, Andrea Cremer, Beth Revis

So, welcome to The CRJ Reviews! Stay tuned for all the book-related fun and a few bouts of fan-girling!

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  1. Congrats on starting your blog!! I hope you have a great time sharing reviews and chatting with bloggers. :)

    Your first follower!! ~beams~
    Arlene @ WinterHaven Books